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Want to Teach Yoga or Deepen Your Yoga Practice? Laxmi Yoga 200hr Teacher Training starts in February

Want to Teach Yoga or Deepen Your Yoga Practice? Laxmi Yoga 200hr Teacher Training starts in February

Laxmi Yoga 200hr Teacher Training with Sally Parkes

Laxmi Yoga 200hr Teacher Training with Sally Parkes

If you want to teach yoga or would like to deepen your practice then you still
have time to sign up for the next Laxmi Yoga 200hr Teacher Training with Sally Parkes.

Taking place over weekends in London plus a residential week in Spain this recognised Yoga Alliance UK and Independent Yoga Network course allows you to teach internationally.

The first of the London weekends is 28th February-1st March. I’m looking forward to meeting all the new teacher trainees in April when I’ll be introducing the group to teaching Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Back Care.

For full details, plus to hear from past graduates click here to visit Sally’s website.

1-2-1 Yoga

1-2-1 Yoga
1-2-1 Yoga

“I have one-to-one classes with Paula and I thoroughly enjoy them. Highly recommended!” – C. Dunning

1-2-1 Yoga in London – Hatha, Flow, Pregnancy & Restorative

Is one of your goals to begin a yoga practice in 2015? Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner you can benefit from private one-to-one yoga sessions. If you’ve never done yoga before this can be a great way to explore whether it is for you or to gain some confidence in your practice before joining a class.

One-to-one yoga lessons can take place at Embody Wellness in SW8 or evolve in SW7, with easy access to Central London, or another convenient venue at times to fit your schedule.

For more details and to get in touch about 1-2-1 Yoga please click here.

A New Season – Saluting the Sun

A New Season – Saluting the Sun

Sun Salutation infographic - via Health Perch, Aldo Baker

Sun Salutation infographic - via Health Perch, Aldo Baker

In my home-town of London it feels like the sun has officially come out of hibernation and that Spring is here at last! With a mix of my own home practice and recently teaching sunrise yoga in the beautiful New York loft-style, light-filled studio at Victor’s Lab on Mondays, I’ve been making the most of the brighter mornings by taking the opportunity to salute the sun for real!

I was recently introduced to this great Sun Salutation infographic by Aldo Baker via Health Perch and it’s a really handy guide to refer to if you’re new to sun salutes and want to practice outside of class. I’ve attached a jpeg alongside this post, but you can see the guide in full at the Health Perch website by clicking here.

On another note, I am always surprised by how time flies! It doesn’t seem long ago that we were just starting the very first south London-based Stretching the City Yoga Beginners course in Pimlico in January – now it’s already the halfway point in the second 6-week Course in Pimlico.

So far we’ve been working on standing poses, forward bends and twists. Week 3 is where we introduce backbends and we’ve also been introducing sun salutations into our practice.

If you’re new to yoga (or know someone who wants to start) and would like to learn in a relaxed group setting, then why not join the next 6-week Pimlico course? It starts on Tues 15th April 7.30-8.30pm. As well the sun salutation mentioned above you’ll get a good overall grounding in yoga basics. I also like to suggest different options to encourage you to safely adapt and modify poses to suit you. By the end of the six weeks you should feel confident enough to attend drop-in yoga classes, practice at home and attend yoga retreats.

You can find further info on Stretching the City’s courses and sign up by clicking here.

In the meantime, take care and I hope the sun is shining where you are :)

NEW Studio, New Classes – Victor’s Lab opens in Peckham

NEW Studio, New Classes – Victor’s Lab opens in Peckham

NEW Studio, New Classes - Victor's Lab opens Mon 20th Jan

NEW Studio, New Classes - Victor's Lab opens Mon 20th Jan in Peckham

Victor’s Lab opens on Monday 20th January!.

I’m really looking forward to teaching at this exciting new space and community hub within the Bussey Building in Peckham offering Yoga, Pilates, Capoeira and more with some brilliant teachers.

Join me for the inaugural class at Victor’s Lab at 7am on Monday 20th January. It will be an energising flow to get your week off to a great start!

You can join me there every Monday 7-8am for your Morning Flow and on Wednesday evenings from 6.45-8.00pm for Yin Yoga.

Victor’s Lab is located at:
Bussey Building, Block B, 1st Floor, 133 Copeland Drive, SE15 4ST

Nearest station: Peckham Rye

For more details including the weekly class timetable and prices please visit www.victorslab.co.uk.

Victor's Lab - location details

Victor's Lab - location details

Moving with the Flow, Moving with Awareness

Moving with the Flow, Moving with Awareness

Find joy in the present - image via thingsweforget.blogspot.com

“ Live with awareness for the sake of ourselves and others.” – Sarah Powers

So far it’s been a yin yang summer.

This summer marks a year of leaving the ‘security’ of my old job and beginning the journey of yoga teaching. I’d known long before that I wanted to take this leap and share my love of yoga, but I held myself back for a number of reasons (i.e. excuses) – my postures not being Cirque du Soleil enough, not looking the way a yoga teacher is ‘supposed’ to, worrying other people might think I’d gone ‘la-la-woo-woo’, and a teeny matter of being terrified of speaking in front of groups… Then along came my mate Redundancy to give me the firm kick in the posterior I needed.

Judith Hanson Lasater, when I trained with her earlier this year, joked that yoga teachers are the most “go-go-go” people she knows, often scheduled to the hilt.

I relate to this. I have always had workaholic tendencies, though I’ve increasingly spent the past months being all go-go-go. Working seven days a week most weeks (not only teaching, admittedly), out of necessity to make ends meet. I believed. But when your mind believes one thing it’s funny how the wisdom of the body tells you very clearly not to believe your thoughts!

A number of physical signs stopped me in my tracks, telling me I had to start doing things differently. (Like actually taking a day off occasionally.) So, I followed my gut instinct and did something that seemed illogical. I gave up a part-time job.

But I have faith that when you let go of one thing you clear the way for something new. And funnily enough… I’ve been having a number of serendipitous experiences.

In June I did a wonderful intensive training with Shiva Rea. The timing, though I did not realise it then, could not have been more perfect. One thing that particularly struck me, within learning about the essentials of teaching vinyasa flow, were the reminders about moving with the flow of life off the mat too.

Then this month I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Sarah Powers – yin yang yoga and mindfulness meditation. This was certainly not my first experience of a yin practice, though it was my first (and hopefully not last) experience of practicing with Sarah Powers, and the timing seemed pertinent. On the mat we were invited to meet our limitations during our yin practice. To see where we resist and, to recognise the resistance rather than resisting resistance. Sarah talked about ‘implicit resistance’ and how we may manipulate a situation to tell ourselves, “I’m fine”. And she also talked about compassion (karuna) towards our habits of aversion towards the uncomfortable situations in our lives. In turn, this allowed me to think about where I resist off the mat too and how, indeed, I had ignored my own internal signals over the past months. I recognised how little compassion I had been showing myself in that time.

For our mindfulness meditation practice, using the breath (observing it rather than controlling it) as a tool to anchor to the present moment, Sarah talked about developing the observing mind, seeing what happens when we observe resistance, pleasure and so on.

“If you can’t listen to the breath, then you can’t listen to the subtle internal messages.”

It was in paying attention to my internal messages rather than listening to my ‘logical’ thoughts that I realised I had to change what I was doing and how I was doing it.

All of these things were reminders of what I already knew deep down, internally. But how often do we push these kinds of feelings aside in favour of what seems logical?

In talking about her own practice Sarah mentioned how it is amazing to notice when you don’t practice for a few days that everything turns into ‘thoughts’ and assuming that our thoughts are reality. Again I was reminded of Judith’s words during training – “Watch your thoughts but don’t believe them.”

So, in paying more attention to those internal messages and becoming more aware I’ve been finding some more clarity. That is not to say it is always comfortable, but I am practicing showing myself compassion along the way. It is a continual practice – usually compassion for myself has seemed to come last on the list. For how many of us has showing compassion towards ourselves seemed challenging or selfish? But it’s a little bit like the oxygen mask analogy. You know, when airplane cabin crew take you through the safety procedure and the little film tells you to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others with their masks? Self-compassion is not selfish. This applies whether it’s during our asana practice or our day-to-day life. Yes, all this may seem obvious, yet I feel grateful for the good and the ‘bad’ over the past months, which has led me to this point.

Related to this, where I have decided to move with the flow – to let go of worrying about what may or may not happen in the future and focussed on the present, unexpected opportunities have somehow appeared just when I’ve least expected it. And again, at every turn, I am incredibly grateful!

One such opportunity is officially joining the retreat teaching team at Sally Parkes Yoga. I am excited to be hosting a retreat in October at the wonderful Marsh Farm House in Sussex. Why not take a break from your frenetic pace and join me in feeling the joy of moving with the flow. But in the meantime, don’t forget to enjoy the present moment!

For retreat details please visit www.sallyparkesyoga.co.uk.