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Relax & Restore Winter Retreat

Relax & Restore Winter Retreat

Relax & Restore Winter Retreat 13th-15th November 2015
Florence House (exterior front)

Our regular retreat at Florence House in Seaford in East Sussex is a wonderful blend of Dynamic, Hatha and Restorative Yoga and Pilates. Facilitated by Sally Parkes and I, this retreat focuses on re-balancing both the body and mind.

Classes are suitable for all abilities as well as beginners. There will also be a delicious, healthy menu and plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and stunning Sussex coastline.

I’m really looking forward to returning to Florence House this November! This is the last retreat I will be teaching on in 2015, so if you would like to join us please click here to book via Sally’s website.

Plus you can find 2016 Florence House retreat dates here.

Spanish September Sun

Spanish September Sun
Join us at the beautiful Hacienda Retreat in Andalusia

Join us at the beautiful Hacienda Retreat in Andalusia

Relax and Restore Spain Retreat with Sally Parkes Yoga 5-11th September

Join Sally Parkes and I in Andalusia for a week of yoga, Pilates, relaxation and delicious food.

Set in the beautiful Andalusian countryside with panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada and in an area of outstanding beauty and ecological diversity, this retreat offers a complete getaway from everyday life.

To find out more and to book visit Sally’s website here.

P.S. Still looking for an excuse to take yourself on retreat? Check out my 5 Reasons to Go on A Yoga Retreat article on En Route Traveler.

NEW class, NEW Studio – BodyAlign Opens 1st September!

NEW class, NEW Studio – BodyAlign Opens 1st September!

BodyAlign – Hatha & Gentle Flow Yoga, Wednesdays 20.15-21.15pm – starts 3rd September. Flow, Relax & Unwind from your day.

Brand new wellbeing centre, BodyAlign opens on Monday 1st September at The Artworks, an exciting creative enterprise community on the corner of Elephant and Walworth Road close to Central London.

Offering Pilates, yoga and functional classes, BodyAlign is a small-sized studio offering more personal, specialised sessions with no more than 10 people per class.

I’m really looking forward to teaching Hatha & Gentle Flow Yoga here on Wednesday evenings – ideal for a some mid-week restoration. Be lovely to see you there!

NB – Sign up here by 31st August for a FREE class or to take advantage of the offer of Unlimited Classes for the Month of September for £55.

Visit the BodyAlign website here for further details and see all the classes on offer on the timetable here.

NEW Studio, New Classes – Victor’s Lab opens in Peckham

NEW Studio, New Classes – Victor’s Lab opens in Peckham

NEW Studio, New Classes - Victor's Lab opens Mon 20th Jan

NEW Studio, New Classes - Victor's Lab opens Mon 20th Jan in Peckham

Victor’s Lab opens on Monday 20th January!.

I’m really looking forward to teaching at this exciting new space and community hub within the Bussey Building in Peckham offering Yoga, Pilates, Capoeira and more with some brilliant teachers.

Join me for the inaugural class at Victor’s Lab at 7am on Monday 20th January. It will be an energising flow to get your week off to a great start!

You can join me there every Monday 7-8am for your Morning Flow and on Wednesday evenings from 6.45-8.00pm for Yin Yoga.

Victor’s Lab is located at:
Bussey Building, Block B, 1st Floor, 133 Copeland Drive, SE15 4ST

Nearest station: Peckham Rye

For more details including the weekly class timetable and prices please visit www.victorslab.co.uk.

Victor's Lab - location details

Victor's Lab - location details

Straight to the Core

Straight to the Core

Ever since confirmation of my spondy, in seeking advice on how I might work on addressing this, one word (even from some fellow yoga teachers) has repeatedly come up.


I’d wanted to do some more Pilates since Tilton House but never got round to it. Now I’m in a situation where I know that strengthening my core (in particular the TA muscles) will help to support my lumbar spine.

I turned to one of my yoga teachers, Sally who is also a very experienced and knowledgeable Pilates teacher. It was at Sally’s retreat at in the summer last year where my interest in Pilates was re-ignighted.  I took classes for a while several years ago and always felt that yoga and Pilates complemented each other.  But as ever, life got busy, work to took over and Pilates (and yoga, for a while) fell by the wayside.

I was so grateful when Sally kindly said she would guide me through some Pilates moves I can do at home.  Not least because I know she is a great teacher, but also because I know she is patient and kind.  (I remember an experience of a Pilates teacher barking at me like a drill sergeant in a scenario which apparently wasn’t a bootcamp style class.  That didn’t really work for me…).  In my first session with Sally it took me some time to get re-acquainted with Pilates breathing on some of the exercises, which does differ from how we breathe in yoga.  I really appreciated Sally’s patience then!

I am also seeing a wonderful yoga therapist who after my initial assessment explained that, in yoga terms, my prana was being depleted down the front side of my body between my ribs and my pelvis.  Aside from working with my yoga therapist on correcting my posture from my feet upwards (as even the way I naturally stand has been putting additional pressure on my lumbar), there is a significant focus on the front body being able to support the back body, thereby allowing the back body to rest.  So, she mentioned working on the TA muscles (and Mula Bandha) in my very first yoga therapy session too.

I’m finding that combining my yoga therapy exercises along with the Pilates exercises Sally is showing me are really complementing each other. It does take dedication to practice regularly but just a few weeks in I am already noticing a positive difference in how my body, and mind, feel.

Sally is kindly going to monitor my progress over the next few weeks or so, gradually building on the exercises where appropriate, so I’ll be charting my progress here on the blog too.

As I work on my own physical therapy I am looking forward to seeing what I learn along the way and consequently being able to share some of this experience while I grow as a teacher too.

I’m feeling good about 2012.