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Gift to Self: 2015 Yoga Retreats

Gift to Self: 2015 Yoga Retreats
Gift to Self: 2015 Yoga Retreats

While you’re Christmas shopping why not treat yourself to a yoga getaway in 2015.

I’m excited to be teaching on more yoga retreats for Sally Parkes Yoga in 2015.

If you’re thinking of a yoga getaway yourself, or would like to treat someone you know then you can find Sally’s full retreat calendar at her website here.

I’m next teaching on the Relax & Restore Weekend at Florence House (pictured) with Sally from 6th-8th March. This retreat features a wonderful blend of Hatha, Dynamic, Restorative Yoga and Pilates, a delicious, healthy vegetarian menu, beautiful surroundings and treatments available (click here for details). And for info on all the retreats I am teaching on in 2015 you can visit my retreat calendar here.

Want to Start Yoga in 2015? NEW Beginners Yoga Course

Want to Start Yoga in 2015? NEW Beginners Yoga Course
Want to Start Yoga in 2015? NEW Beginners Yoga Course

NEW Beginners Yoga Course at Embody Wellness starts 4th January

Great Christmas Gift for Yourself or a Family Member or Friend

Sundays 2-3pm from 4th January-8th February 2015

Do you or someone you know want to start a yoga practice in 2015? Embody’s yoga foundation courses are an excellent way to learn the basic principles of yoga and gain an appreciation of its many benefits. Running on Sunday afternoons for 6 consecutive weeks, this beginners course is a great way to introduce yourself to the practice of Yoga. Over the duration of the course I will be guiding you through the fundamental yoga postures with an emphasis on correct alignment and proper breathing techniques.

For full details and to book, please click here to visit the Embody Wellness website.

Body Align: Saturday 18th October Open Day

Body Align: Saturday 18th October Open Day

To celebrate 1 month of opening its doors, join us for Body Align’s Open Day this month.

Have you had a chance to visit brand new wellbeing studio, Body Align in Elephant & Castle yet? If not, then the October Open Day is the perfect chance for you to sample a range of yoga and Pilates sessions and more all under Body Align’s cool yet quirky roof. Based at the new Artworks development, the studio is housed in refurbished shipping containers.

Some of the classes you can try on the day will include:

Forrest Yoga
Sports Yoga
Hatha Yoga & Gentle Flow (which I will be teaching)
Vinyasa Flow
Chanting and Meditation

All levels welcome! Class times will be displayed once they are all confirmed on the Open Day Event Page on Facebook here.

(Just remember to turn up 10-15 mins early to register – and do feel free to spread the word!)

The more the merrier, and there will be some freebies and a few prizes too. Look forward to seeing you there :)

If you can’t wait, then you can sign up now for the introductory offer of £30 for 14 consecutive days and try as many classes as you like – from Forrest, Ashtanga, Broga and much more to a wide range of Pilates classes for all levels, there’s plenty to choose from. Plus, you can still join me on Wednesdays for Hatha & Gentle Flow at the NEW time of 7.45-8.45pm.

Keep an eye on the Body Align Facebook page for full Open Day details as they are confirmed. And to see all of the classes currently on offer visit the timetable here.

Restorative Yoga Workshop – Relax and Restore

Restorative Yoga Workshop – Relax and Restore

Supported Child's Pose - Paula Hines U Can Yoga

Enjoy a nourishing 2-hours of Restorative Yoga

Delve into the practice of Restorative Yoga in this 2-hour workshop.

Relax & Restore Workshop – Saturday 25th October
3-5pm at Embody Wellness

Join me for a nourishing practice which will introduce to you the principles of Restorative Yoga and show you how to set yourself up comfortably in each pose.

In Restorative Yoga (sometimes referred to as ‘active relaxation’) we consciously manipulate the nervous system to create ease. Props are used to facilitate relaxation by supporting the body in passive postures for extended periods. While the body is supported we can completely relax into each posture. This enables us to relieve the effects of negative day-to-day stress, calming the body’s ‘fight flight’ response to facilitate proper rest.

Highly recommended if you are seeking stress relief or need to unwind.

Please click here to book.

5 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

5 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

Yoga in the Yurt at Tilton House

Yoga in the Yurt at Tilton House - photo by Kat Kinsella

Originally published on Urban Lucy‘s Urban Blog.

Despite practising yoga for a decade I didn’t go on my first yoga retreat until 2011. One of my very first thoughts once I was there was “What took me so long?!” The retreat I’d chosen was a weekend break in the UK, yet it was just enough to bring my mind and body back into balance. And suited by budget too. I’d always thought that a retreat was a pipe dream but whether you want to head off to far-flung sunny climes or have a short but sweet weekend break closer to home there’s such a wide range of choice out there that it is possible to find a getaway to suit your tastes and needs.

I loved the experience so much that I now teach yoga on retreats and believe so much in the value of taking time out for you. Far from being selfish, taking that time to take care of you allows you to recharge and, in turn, enables you to give the best of yourself to your loved-ones. I recently returned from teaching on a weekend retreat in Sussex and was reminded all over again of why it’s so good. Here are just a few reasons for you:

Delicious food on the Sally Parkes Yoga retreats at Tilton House

Delicious food on the Sally Parkes Yoga retreats at Tilton House

1. No pressure to ‘do’ anything
Ever been on holiday and ended up with an itinerary so packed that you came back feeling like you needed another holiday? Well, one of the great things about being on retreat is that there’s no pressure ‘do’. We have enough pressures and ‘shoulds’ in our day-to-day lives and even on holiday that can creep in when what our minds and bodies really need is the opposite. On retreat you have the genuine opportunity to slow down with no guilt whatsoever. You can opt in or out of as many of the classes and other activities on offer as you like. Hang out with the group, or spend time alone. It’s your choice! It’s a real chance to Relax and restore.

Join Sally Parkes & I on our Relax & Restore retreats at Florence House

Join Sally Parkes & I on our Relax & Restore retreats at Florence House

2. You get to indulgently focus on your yoga practice (or even begin your yoga practice!)
If you already love yoga, then what better opportunity to practice every day! Though if you’ve never done yoga before, a retreat is a great place to start. There are lots of beginner-friendly retreats out there in the UK and abroad, including the ones I teach on for Sally Parkes Yoga ( As a beginner you’ll be in a safe, nurturing environment and guided by teachers who want to support you.

Experience a nurturing Restorative Yoga class on retreat at Florence House

Experience a nurturing Restorative Yoga class on retreat at Florence House

3. It can be an opportunity to support a transition phase in your life
When I went on that first yoga retreat I was in the process of being made redundant from the job I worked at for almost ten years. Though it was a change I wanted, it was still a lot to come to terms with at the time. Being out of my regular surroundings was a great chance to step back, take stock and reassess things. It helped me get clearer about what I wanted. I’ve heard similar stories from other people about how they found a new perspective while on away on retreat and consequently, were able to take positive action once back at home.

4. It’s okay to go on your own (if you want to!)
Of course it’s okay to go on any holiday on your own, though holidaying alone isn’t something everyone feels comfortable with. From my experience, going away on retreat is a great way to go away on your own. The environment is safe and supportive and you get to meet some great people. People come from diverse backgrounds, yet often similar experiences have brought them to a retreat. It’s not uncommon to form lasting friendships.

Beautiful grounds at Florence House

Beautiful grounds at Florence House

5. The effects can last when you get back home
I feel this is best summed-up by a recent retreat guest who at the end of our weekend retreat totally humbled us with the following:

“I came on one of these retreats a while ago and came away with a warm feeling that lasted a long time. This time I’ve got that feeling again.”

So what are you waiting for? Why not start planning your next, or even your first yoga retreat? Do something nice for you.

This Summer you can join me on the following weekend retreats with Sally Parkes Yoga:

20th – 22nd June & 8th – 10th August – Summer Detox Retreats: Yoga and Meditation Weekend Retreats at Tilton House, Firle, near Lewes, East Sussex. Click here for more details (NB – only twin share rooms remaining for these dates. Autumn Detox Weekend 10-12th Oct is now SOLD OUT.)

29th – 31st August. With Sally Parkes and I – Summer Relax & Restore Retreat: Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Weekend Retreat at Florence House, Seaford, East Sussex. Click here for details.

Watch this space at the U Can Yoga website for upcoming retreat dates in 2015!