Lotus Mudra Love

Lotus Mudra Love

Lotus Mudra drawingCultivate love and affection with Lotus Mudra this Valentine’s

Mudras are symbolic hand gestures that can have an influence on the energies of your body and consequently, your mood. The word ‘mudra’ means ‘sealing in the energy’ in Sanskrit.

Lotus Mudra is the mudra of the heart. You can use this mudra to promote love and affection and also to ease loneliness.

How to practice:

Bring your palms together at your heart centre. Keeping the base of your palms together, fan your fingers out and bring the tip of your little fingers and thumbs to touch to form your open lotus blossom (as pictured). Hold here for four breaths.

After four breaths, close your lotus into a bud by bringing your hands back together with the base of your palms and the pads of your thumbs and all your fingers touching. Then turn your hands (turning palms towards you) placing all the fingernails of both your hands on top of each other, then the backs of your fingers, then the backs of your hands.

From here, turn your fingers in towards you then down. Let your hands hang down for a few breaths.

Bring your hands back to your lotus bud, then open into your lotus blossom.

Repeat this several times.

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