Mantra Yoga + Health

Mantra Yoga + Health

My philosophy behind U Can Yoga from day one has been and remains that you can find your own expression of yoga – that yoga is for anyone who wants to give it a try and experience its many benefits, so I’m honoured to be included in body positive issue of Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine featuring and celebrating women of all body types. Also featured in this issue: Gay Love, Yoga for Cocaine Addiction, Cancer Thrivers, India, Haiti, Dropping Judgment and 145+ Yogis changing the planet. Readers in the USA can pick up this new, exciting publication on newsstands and at these retail outlets now. UK readers, unfortunately Mantra isn’t on sale over here (yet!) but you can check out the page from the feature by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog post and read articles at the Mantra website by clicking here:

This ties in with the subject of my April OM Yoga Magazine Teacher’s Tales columnWhat is a Yoga Body & What Does A Yoga Teacher Look like?’ which seemed to strike a chord with a lot of readers. If you didn’t see it, you can read it here.

Mantra Yoga and Health - My Real Yoga Body feature

About humbleyogini

I am not an expert – just a humble yogini with so much still to learn. This thing called ‘Yoga’ has unexpectedly crept into my psyche. I want to write about this yoga journey I have embarked upon and see where it takes me. If you are reading this maybe some of this will chime with you. You can also find me on Twitter @HumbleYogini75. Namaste.

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