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Happy Birthday Yogahaven Clapham!

Happy Birthday Yogahaven Clapham!

One year ago today, I walked into Yogahaven Clapham for their very first class at 6.45am taught by the lovely Sandra.

Little did I know the impact that walking through those doors that morning would have on my life.

To put things into context, I was not in a good place this time last year, though I wasn’t aware of quite how bad things had got.  It’s like when people don’t realise they were depressed until they’re not depressed anymore. I thought I must be fine because I was functioning… on the surface. In order to function, I’d become numb.  In hindsight I can see I was headed for burnout at the very least.  I’d been doing yoga for a while but knew I was looking for something else.  What? I wasn’t certain, but I thought I would try out this new studio that was just opening up nearby.  I went along on that first day and instantly it felt… right. Safe.  There have been times over the past year where Yogahaven literally has felt like a Safe Haven to me.

The past twelve months has brought all sorts of challenges and changes (all ultimately for the better, I believe).  For one thing, if you had told me this time last year that I would be training to be a yoga teacher I would have laughed in your face.  Though it had been a secret wish for a while to be able to share the wonderful benefits of yoga with others I never really thought I would ever have the confidence to go for it.  (That’s another thing I learned this year – never say never!)  There will be more challenges. More changes.  Everything is in constant flux.  Through my yoga practice I am becoming more okay with this.  And as the numbness has dissipated and I ‘feel’ again, I am becoming more open.  And the world continues to expand before my eyes.

Thank You to Allie and Krystal for opening Yogahaven Clapham and Thank You to the whole Yogahaven Team.  Your warmth and kindness continues to touch me every time I walk through the doors.  It’s been so wonderful to be one of your ‘regulars’ and see how the studio has evolved over the past year.  Long may you continue.

Happy Birthday Yoga Home :D